Effective watering for cooler, greener communities.

With climate change increasing the urban heat island effect, you can use water around your home to keep cool and save on living expenses. Alex will share his top tips to use water effectively in your garden, demonstrate how to build your own misting system and tips for tree planting to maintain healthy sewers.

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Alex Czura is SA Waters Liveability and Environment Specialist and has 14 years experience at SA Water leading environmental improvements projects for the community. Alex is passionate about effective water use to drive healthy, thriving communities and increasing the liveability for South Australians. Alex is proactively driving policy changes and trialling new approaches to increase tree canopy coverage to reduce urban heat island effect in a changing climate. A keen collaborator, Alex works with local councils and businesses to use smart technologies to optimise water use enabling increased green public open space. He’s the perfect person to give you all the important tips for using water effectively so you can be part of delivering cooler greener gardens, and even reduce your living expenses.

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