Focus Planting Australia

Focus Planting Australia is a South Australian-owned small business determined to create environmentally conscious solutions to improving horticultural and agricultural practices. Starting with the family garden, our innovative, patent-pending, and world-changing Focus Planter technology inspires a new method to plant fruit, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Recognised as a finalist for Solstice’s Media South Australia’s Best New Product Innovation for 2021, GrowWell™, is the first release of the patent-pending Focus Planter Technology. It is also 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in South Australia by Focus Planting Australia. The GrowWell™ Focus Planter, is a simple vessel that inserts into the ground utilising the natural soil properties, conserves water, focuses nutrients and decreases plant maintenance, including less soil preparation, less watering, and less weeding. GrowWell™ enhances your productivity in the garden, and promotes better conservation of resources, saving you time and effort in the garden. It’s time to reinvent your approach to gardening today!

Phone: 1300 GrowWell or 1300 476 993
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