Nuthin’ But Natives

Nuthin’ but Natives has a number of branches to the business which includes;

  • Seed collection & identification
  • Revegetation surveys conducted for mining, government and private entities
  • State Government roadside revegetation projects
  • Workshops and Tours for small groups
  • Bulk orders for Old Man Saltbush and other species
  • Specialising in arid and semi-arid plants, suitable for our greater region

Our major operation, is the propagation and showcasing of Australian Native plants, available for sale, from our Nursery 7 days a week or from the various weekend markets that we attend.

All plants are fully hardened to suit our harsh conditions, which include grasses, groundcovers, shrubs both small and large right through to trees of varying heights.  Species that we propagate include but are not limited to Eucalyptus, Grevilleas, Eremophilas, Melaleucas, Acacias, Atriplex, Hardenbergias  Rhagodia, Swainsona species, Correas, Dianellas etc.

Address: Booleroo Centre, SA
Phone: 0447 458 769
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