Sustainable Irrigation

We are based in Adelaide SA and established in 2015, initially just selling irrigation.

We now have built a machine and are making the sub-surface irrigation from Australian made local products.

Our product is a Geo fabric sub surface irrigation system.  With the unique textile fabric protecting the pipe, this allows for even water distribution and no root intrusions.

Why install SISS?

SISS is a sub-surface irrigation system that we all can relate to.

It is cost effective, only using half the amount of pipe compared to traditional irrigation pipe.

It therefore saves time and money and most importantly, it is a low pressure system, which saves on the amount of water used and as it is underground, there is no run off or evaporation.

Our system is easy to install and comes in various kits for the DIY or can be custom made for the larger jobs/tradies.

Address: Modbury North, SA
Phone: 0419 826 647
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