mobius farms “chickstix” Insect

Mobius Farms is an innovative enterprise turning food waste into value! Using insect bioconversion technologies, we produce high quality insect protein-based products suitable for the pet, aquaculture and livestock markets.  

We do this by collecting food waste from commercial kitchens, restaurants and caterers and feeding it to a fabulous insect called, the Black Soldier Fly Larvae.  This little grub is a voracious eater with an appetite for almost any foodstuff! From bread to brewery mash, pickles to potatoes, oranges to offal; there’s not too much they won’t eat.  Within a matter of two weeks, the larvae grow from miniscule to harvest ready. Each kilogram of larvae consumes up to four kilograms of organic food waste in its short lifetime. They are able to be reared intensively in a small footprint of land with very minimal water consumption making them a sustainable source of insect protein.

Address: Nuriootpa, SA
Phone: 0421 616 943
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